Sunday, April 12, 2009

Enjoy Nature!

Took a hike two weeks ago with some people i know...

Beautiful woods, early spring. Encountered a lovely little waterfall that turned into a meandering stream.

We decided to follow the streem down the hill back to the road.

On the way out of the woods (but a distance from the road) we came accross a gravel road that had a sign. A picture of a fish and an arrow.

We followed the sign and eventually came to a place...

It was a concrete pool, perhaps an acre in area. Around this pool sat about 30 individuals. Single men in their sixties, small groups in their thirties, families, old ladies...
sitting about this pond on a variety of sofs, love seats, and lay-Z-boy style recliners.

They held in their hand long cane poles, and to each was attached a small bobber and bit of bait.

We watched silently in an attempt to confirm what seemed so obvious yet so unexpected that we couldn't be certain...are they fishing?
in several minutes time a gentleman watched his bobber dip and bounce, he lifted the rod, and a small fish not unlike a carp or buffalo fish dangled from his line about 14 inches below his bobber. The man removed the fish, looked it over for a few minutes, and then unceremoniously chucked it back into the pond.
At one end of the pond stretched a long green fence. On the other side stood a similar smaller pond which held the fish that would eventually be released to face the gauntlet of dangling niblets...

On the way out we saw an advertising banner...
Fish and Enjoy Pure Nature!

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  1. Hi Jimmy,

    I haven't checked your blog in awhile.
    Lot's of interesting stories.
    I'll have to keep up with checking it more often.