Monday, February 23, 2009

Nearest City: Bungdang

This illustrates the verticle nature of commercial property. Stores, bars, Norae Bongs (Karaoke) and everythings else, exists on 4-5 floors here in Bungdand, and up to the 7th or 8th floor in Seoul.

It's fun, makes everyone walk around with their heads up, and Encourages exercise...

I found it a bit overwhelming at first.

At School

These are the oldest students I teach. They all adopt american names for school. This is Jason, Shawn, John, and Ricky.

This is where i teach the little kids. They are 4 and 5 years's crazy.

This is David(pajamas), Leo(laying down), Anthony (seated at right), and Vincent. Absent: Harry, the musian, singer, and leader of impromptu marches. CHICKEN POX!

My Apartment

May apartment is about 18X18. It's not very big, but it's nice enough. My favorite thing is that there are pipes under the floor; this is how the place is heated. It's a subtle and consistent heat...and it feels great to walk on in the morning, or after a shower.

I have a wall of windows that open completely. The view is nice's nice to have ample natural light.

My bathroom is great. It small, with a tile floor. I shower with this wand in the photo, standing at my bathroom sink.


Some Pics From About Town

This was built on a property just outside of town. There can be found many instances of Chinese Buddhist influence. This was in a quiet neighborhood that felt well removed from even the bustle of the town center.

This view is from a little above town. Op'o is located down between those two hills. Everywhere I have been, the terrain is steep and wooded.

This gives an idea of the valley we are located in.

This is a drainage channel that runs through town. Normally it is just a trickle. It rained a good amount the other night, and it went up about two feet, flowing fast.
June marks the Monsoon Season. I can't wait to see it then.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ah Nah Aseyo

So, I am three weeks in Korea and finally composed enough tobegin to compose a blog site. I figue this will allow me to log personal musings as they arise. I hope it's at least as good as the Alaska site. I will have a camera soon, so pictures will certainly be a big part of the site.
So far, this trip is probably the greatest 'culture shock' I have experienced. This is mostly due to the fact that I've grown fairly adaptable, and I was still unable to acclimate to any degree up until this point.

Finally I realize that I am starting to assimilate information and experiences and forming some early thoughts on what I'm experiencing.

Thus, this site is born.

I'll be in touch