Monday, March 2, 2009

About Food

So, the few things that really seem to vary as I move around are communications, scenery, pace of life, approach to strangers, and food.

The food here has been a great experience so far.

To start with, Kim Chi (a slow fermented spicy cabbage dish) is, the national food of korea, listed by the world health organization as one of the 5 healthiest prepared foods in the world, and is delicious. It's easy to find, cheap, variable, and great.

I have eaten lots of fish, but not in a form that i've had before. They must indescriminately harvest "fishes", because there is very little whole fish sold. Most fish seems to be ground into meal and used in various 'fish dumplings', 'fish dough', and other strange fish concoctions.
They also dry roast fish and squid and sell it as snacks. The squid is stripped up (like fluke bait) and dried out. It's chewy and sweet, like Squid potato chips for sure.

I ate silk worm larvae the other night. They were served casually with some other foods along with an order of BBQ pork. They looked like bugs, crunched like bugs, and ostensibly tasted like bugs...they weren't bad. A little mushy and a slight bitter taste...they also kind of squished after you crunch them.

The produce here is outstanding. Tasty, crunchy, colorful. I had apples in my fridge for three weeks...ate one last night and it was still delicious. There are farms everywhere, and i can't wait for spring to see them produce. Farmers are preparing their feilds as I write.
The produce now must be produced in the numerous green houses i see in the area.

Cookies, snacks, pastries, and such are also delicious...this is probably due to MSG, although I can't be certain because it takes me a really long time to read a label, and even then i'm not sure what i'm reading.

...and every meal comes with unlimited side chi, pickles, mushrooms, eggs, crunchy snacks, noodles, rice...all kinds of stuff. Meals almost always turn into an for me.


  1. kick ass post jim. keep up the good work. its great seeing what you are up to. id def like to try and get out there at some point if i can swing it. looks very interesting. not that you'll need it but best of luck

  2. Boo, stupid Randy beat me to posting. Here is my post:

    Jim, I am reading this. Know that.

    San Diego Bound!

  3. Hi Jimmy

    I think I figured this out.
    Happy to hear how good all the food is and fresh. Real different than Alaska. Terry just called from Daytona. 80 degrees and ocean was 67, lots of stingrays too!
    Hi Randy and Jess. What's in San Diego Jess?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love and miss you Mom